I have the above laptop and I have installed Fedora Core 3 on a separate linux partion. I can not get the machine to display a resolution higher than 800 x 600.

I had a look on the ATI site which talks about linux drivers but I am afraid that I do nto know how to install these. I tried to follow the instructions but I just get an error message. I downloaded the drivers on windows and tried to access them from FC3 but no luck.

The graphics card is a, ATI Mobility Radeon X700. It does not appear in the choice of cards in the system set up section and the display also does nto appear in the choice of options. So at the moment I am using linux with a generic set up.

Can someone give me some instructions to follow please so that I can use linux with 1680 x1010 screen resolition.

Many thanks for any ones help on this.