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Thread: What PC-CARD?

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    What PC-CARD?

    I wondering what pc-card should i by for my laptop to get it up running wireless and still support linux? I need a card that i can find both windows and linux drivers?
    Have 3com good linux drivers support or should i use some other card?

    Please help!


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    *moved to Laptops section*

    I've heard that D-link's cards work pretty well in Linux, but I'm not 100% on that. I remember seeing stuff about that in the Laptops Links sticky at the top of this section. Check that out and see what you can find.
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    i think i have found something to d-link pc-card 650+ but i will haveto update my kernel version... linux is fun!


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    Yeh the d-link cards even say that they are linux compatable on the' box'... They use the realtek chipset (or any other brand that uses the Realtek chipset
    (but only wireless b (g dosn't work in linux yet))........someday.....
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    Well maybe they do work with wireless after all...
    at least with d-link 650+


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