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    newbie: fedora on an inspiron 9300

    hi. newbie here. :drown:

    after about 3-4 days tinkering with all sorts of bootdisks, reformats and partitions, i think i finally have the setup that i was shooting for on my 60 (55.89) gig inspiron 9300:

    12 gb: ntfs - win xp
    36 gb: ntfs - misc data
    8 gb: ext1, etc...(?) - linux (i forgot what the automated partitioning put)

    i have now windows xp running with a dual boot fedora core 4 (or is it the other way around?) where i can choose what os to load when the computer starts. windows loads fine but i'm having problems getting started with fedora. here is a list of things that i need assistance with:

    - getting my wireless network up and running on the linux partition... how do i get started finding and installing drivers?

    - getting the sound working. the audio test during setup failed (another driver issue)

    - i picked a monitor from the list of compatible or supported displays during startup that supports 1920 x 1200 resolution but how can i tell if fedora is utilizing the nvidia card?

    - tutorial on how to browse through files or what does what

    - a way to swap/use/browse files between os's? eg: is there a way to maybe use a partition (preferrably the 36 gb: ntfs - misc data) so that i can access files (mp3's, movies, documents, etc) from both os's? now that would be ideal!

    - how to install and uninstall programs

    i think that's it for now.

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums...

    Have you tried using the "search" function yet? Most all those questions have been answered countless times already.

    Hope you have fun here and visit often!

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