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Thread: CPU low speed

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    CPU low speed

    as i sad i am a newbie on linux .. my cpu is a pentium M 1.5 and linux shows that the cpu is runing only at 500 Hz .. should i be concernet .. please help

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    depends if you are running on battery & have processor intensive tasks running, also, check your powersave settings. click on the little battery icon on the taskbar to configure.

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    First, what distro do you use and how did you figure out your CPU speed?
    Linux kernel has a nice functionality, CPU frequency scaling. It's possible - when running on battery - that software called cpufreq (or something similar to it) reduces your CPU speed to improve battery time.

    I have also a laptop, and when I plug power cord out, cpufreq reduces my CPU speed from 2,6 GHz to 650 MHz (my CPU is 2.6 GHz P4) and it makes a nice improvement to my battery-running-time (this heavy CPU-thing sucks battery dry before you can say cheese).

    Try to plug power cord in and out and check if it changes CPU frequency on the fly. If not, maybe you should be a "bit" concerned.

    And yes, if it really runs at 500 Hz I would take that thing back to manufacturer..

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    i use fedora core 4 distro .. and i don't think it is a hardware problem because before using linux i used win xp and it worked just fine... and i checked .. it runs at 500Mhz when it is plugged in .. can somebody help me?

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    fc4 doesnt have many of the cpufreq modules in the kernel by default.

    if i were you, i would either change distro, recompile the kernel (hard) or search for the cpufreq modules package (i dont know if there is one).

    i had to compile my own kernel + install a few drivers to enable me to change my cpu freq.

    hope this helped, i shared you pain until i changed distro (now running gentoo )
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    Yes, trying another distribution would be a good thing to do. If it fails again, maybe your CPU has been damaged.

    Gentoo really is great, and because it compiles itself, I forgot that the kernel might need update.

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