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    Pair of old laptops

    I have a pair of older laptops here, both toshibas. One has a speed 133Mhz processor, while the other has a 333Mhz, and htey have 80 and 128MB of RAM respectivley.

    I recently have jumped into Linux and have actually learned a few things. That said, these old machines have nearly useless hard drives. I was considering letting my kids have at them, so was considering using IDE to CF adapters. I was going to throw in 2GB Flash cards in there. Now, thats not alot of space compared with today, but these are just kids. This reduces the amount of moving parts, and improves these already slow systems to perform a little faster. I know all about the limits of CF, but am not worried. Im not willing to spend a 200 dollars on hard drives for computers that are over 10 years old.

    So, it looks like an opportunity to immerse the kids in Linux.

    Im looking for something realativly small, perhaps under 1GB, supports wireless USB adapters, and has no problem with running from a CF HDD. ANy advice is appriciated, so I can move away from my dependance on Microsoft for my needs.

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    You are best off trying Puppy Linux. It will even install from USB key. It requires 64MB of RAM so that should work on your machines. It runs entirely in RAM so it is very fast and leaves only 1 file behind on your harddisk. That way you will be able to try Linux non-intrusively.

    Hope this helps


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