Hi guys,

I bought one "reconditoned" TE2000 last year from USAnotebooks thru a broker in ecuador. Just a few months ago, i upgraded the original windows 98 to a windows XP. However, since then, my computer would just freeze after some hours of use. I would then let it "rest" for a few minutes and then it would boot up again. Since the warranty was already past the 6 month limit, I asked a technician to look at my unit. He said that one of the RAM was malfunctioning so i needed to replace it. However, i made my own tests and you know what i found out? It seems there was a manufacturing flaw on this one.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I am not a computer tech anyway. I am just a fisherman who likes to look into things, in more detail.

So, I found out that the 2 "receptacles" for the RAM is different. One is made of metal clips and the other only uses plastic. The metal clips covers the whole length of one RAM while the plastic does not. One of the "pins" does not have any contact with the receptacle so i guess this is the cause of the sudden heating of the RAM that causes the unit to freeze. I have emailed toshiba so they could enlighten me to show in good faith that they stand by their products.