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    Garbled screen on my Toshiba Satellite w/Ati X200


    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A100-510 laptop with Ati X200 videochip.

    - When running the SuSE linux 10.1 live-dvd, the boot screen (which lets me choose between KDE, Gnome or boot from harddisk) works fine, albeit on 1024x768 (instead of 1280x800). But when I select either and the window manager is loaded, I get this screen on my laptop:

    It is still working, because I can hear it loading from the DVD. Also, when I press the on/off button on the laptop, it shuts down 'normally', as in: it takes some time and then halts.

    - When installing Fedora Core 5, the same screen as above appears in the setup! I have to install using the text mode installer. After installing and manually configuring X to use the VESA driver, it works, but only at 1024x768. Installing the FGLRX driver displays the same screen as above.

    - Ubuntu (both 5 and 6) work fine!

    I would really like to solve this problem because I like Fedora better than Ubuntu. Also, I have no idea where to look for a solution, because there is no error in the logfile.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Hmm, I've installed fedora core 5 on the same model of laptop as yours.
    Have you tried typing this into your konsole system-config-display
    It'll bring up a window with tabs, you should be able to change your resolution there. Just make sure you click the hardware tab, and select the correct hardware. Then it should be cake from there.

    Hmm, as far as Suse, I've had the same problems as you. It doesn't seem to be working for me either. If I figure anything out I'll let you know. =)

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    Thanks for your reply. I just found out that doing a text-mode install and running "yum update" solved my problem! Apparently some bug has been squashed in a new version of some software

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