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Thread: Adding RAM

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    The rule of 2x RAM size on your swap space is just a pointer no rule. The pointer is based on the swap algoritm that are optimized and workes best with 2x memory=swapspace.

    Linux normaly caches up 90-98% of you memory to access data much faster then from disk. Which is swapspace size it think you shall decide on what the system are for.

    On mission critcal system that are gona be pushed with high load its good to have a quite big swap space.....but at home you can have smaller swap to get more out of your harddrives.


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    "On computers with low mem its true, but you really don't need a swap partition when you have 512+ mb ram. I have 256 mb of ram, and 128 mb swap partition. It almost never touches the swap partition, and if you have eg. 1 gig of ram, 2 gig swap partition would just be a waste of space."

    With 512MB of RAM, my PC also very rarely uses its swap partition. So if you're in this situation you'll probably only ever use swap space if you do some very large (e.g. kernel) compilations. But you can always add more swap space later if you need it.

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    i dont have a swap :P ive got 368 megs and my system works great
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    You could also try memtest86 which is used by alot of memory mfg's to test returned memory.

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