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Thread: Upgrade BIOS

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    Upgrade BIOS

    I've just been given a disk with a BIOS upgrade for my old Toshiba satellite Pro 430CDT, before I have a go at doing the update i was just wondering if I'll be able to as the file is a .exe

    Does anyone know if there is aything that will make updating the BIOS difficult? Anything special that needs to be done to run the update?

    I'm just a little edgey seeing a .exe file.

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    hi darkrose0510 !!!

    you got .exe file.. it means that disk is windows based... mostly motherboard driver cds are bootable. ( cd that comes with your motherboard, not this BIOS upgrade CD)...
    boot up through that Cd and execute this .exe file from there......

    Does anyone know if there is aything that will make updating the BIOS difficult? Anything special that needs to be done to run the update?
    BIOS upgrade is not difficult at all. but the problem is its windows based... motherboard cds have softwares to upgrade from file or from internet download.... check if your original motherboard CD is bootable.......

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    I have updated the BIOS in a few systems, but only desktops.

    The manual for the laptop should have some information about a BIOS update, but if not, then the vendor web site should have some information.

    In the situations I did, I placed the exe on a floppy and then booted. So, in partial agreement with devils_casper, the system BIOS has code in it that allows it to update itself, and it does this by booting and executing a program on the boot device. Many modern systems don't include floppy drives, so I think devils_casper's comments about a CD are accurate for newer systems.

    I consider exe files DOS-related, but perhaps devils_casper was just making a distinction between Linux and Microsoft.

    The BIOS update procedure always makes me nervous. I have always made sure that the box is plugged into a UPS so that a power outage will not cause problems. You have a laptop, which presumably has its own battery. There have been situations when an update does not complete, and the system is rendered unbootable, but I think those are luckily very rare.

    My advice is to consult your specific hardware manual. If you are reticent about this, you could give us more details about why you think you need to do this. I did the updates because I needed some extra capability to allow use of larger disks (you can see how long ago that must have been).

    People do this very frequently, I just don't like doing it if I don't need to.

    Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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    Many people just use a dos bootdisk to do the install. There are other options like FreeDOS though given how sensitive BIOS updates are I wouldn't use anything not specifically mentioned in the documentation.

    Bare in mind that the .exe might only be a self extracting disk image to do the update with. Often this is the case. Check up on the manufacturer's website. I know Fujitsu-Siemens provide their updates as DOS disks, dos executables and linux boot floppy images.

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    Thanks people, lokks like I'll try just putting in the drive and booting from it... and I'll see how it goes.

    I don't have the motherboard boot disk... but I'll have a look on Toshiba's site if necessary. Likewise manuals are rather hard to come by... although I have downloaded what I can from Toshiba.

    I'll have a play tonight and report back here when either it's worked, or I've blown eveything up! Well you never know....


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