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    Formatting HDD with ext2 filesystem -- Advice Needed

    Is there any utility that is bootable from floppy and able to format Linux ext2/ext3 filesystem on my HDD? because I can't reinstall Windows on any of the two partions and neither can I can reinstall Linux. The reason was that a previous Mandrake installation was halted during system installation. Any help will be appreciated.


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    if you need to delete linux partitions use aefdisk (go to and type aefdisk in at the search {or pm me and i will send a copy of it with the dos boot files}).
    at the dos prompt type aefidsk followed by your hdd number (on a laptop this should be 0 [for primary master drive]) followed by a switch <to erase whole drive use /delall>.
    you can then repartition your hdd using aefdisk or your os'es local fdisk.
    for more info on how to use aefdisk, view the readme included with the program.
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    insert the mandrake install cd and when it gets to the instalation menu use the CTRL + ALT + F1/2/3/4/5 key combination to get to a terminal. From there you should be able to use fdisk to erase all the partitons on the hard disk.. then reinstall windows and then linux.. i also recomend that you switch to a distro like gentoo - mandrake sucks (so does redhat and suse imo)

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