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    Strange situation..need help!!

    I have a mac powerbook G4 titanium that I put ubuntu on.
    after i put ubuntu on, i dropped the laptop and the cdrom drive is completely shot (cant mount, read anything...just spits the cd back out at me when i put it in)..and I need to compile something in ubuntu...after fighting with gcc I give up, and I just want to put gentoo linux on it.
    I dont have any free, unpartitioned space on my hard drive to do an install, and my cdrom drive is broken, so i cant boot to the gentoo livecd, let alone any distro's livecd.
    I was wondering if theres a way to configure yaboot to put gentoo on a USB thumb drive, and boot from that..well...i really dont care if its gentoo or not, i just need a distro that i can install gentoo off of.

    any links / help would be appreciated.

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    Look at section 6, installing gentoo using an existing linux installation, toward bottom of link:

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