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    Help With Debian On Oldworld Mac Please!!!

    I am currently new to linux (newbie) i dont know a lot about the OS. Anyway i have a problem...i like macs..but they cost to much money so i have not upgraded from mac os 9 (OS im running) to mac os X. Then i found out about linux running on virtually any i became interested...decided to try and put it on my macintosh. I have a oldworld macintosh laptop. The PowerPC powerbook macintosh series...Black with the apple logo on the front of the screen. But i just cant seem to get it to work. Quess i dont know what the heck im doing. LOL. I Downloaded bootx and debian and look up help on google but found nothing that would help me. Once agian im a Newbie. So is there anybody out there who has got linux on a oldworld macintosh? If so can you write down the step in how to accomplish this task. Please...anything would be helpful.

    thanks..Bking0-ask questions if you need more info on my laptop

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    I used this page to get it onto an ibook, but I think those are New World?

    Is your computer among those on this list and did you get the right version of Debian?

    If you do have an Old World Mac, it looks like you simply need the PowerPC Old World flavor of Debian adn this page should help you figure out how to get it. One note of warning: you do not have to download ALL of the installation cds. Only the first is necessary to boot Debian, but if you are a new linux user, you will see no graphical user interface; in other words, it will be exclusively command line. In order to install a GUI (graphical user interface) you will have to download probably about the first ten of the cds or try to configure apt-get to download the rest for you. Once you have that first install disc, the installation process should be pretty easy. You need only put it in the cd-rom drive and turn on the mac while holding the "c" key in order to get it to boot from CD. The installer should guide you through the rest.

    Debian has their own installation guide here.

    A list of helpful links for various mac latops is here:

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    Actually, is this the only computer you are using? Did you use this computer to post to this board? You'll probably have a lot more questions before you are through, so only install that first debian disc if you have another computer you can use to ask more questions.

    I have debian on an ibook, by the way, and it works really well.

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    well thanks guys but im not sure im quite done yet. I do not have a NewWorld macintosh laptop (i wish) but the older version laptop...oldworld macintosh laptop PowerPC. its a powerbook not a ibook.

    on oldworld macs you cant boot a cd by pressing the c key like you would in the newworld macs. Firmware doesn't allow that. (sucks) And i cant boot up on floppys either. I heard there was a program called bootx or quike but i have no clue on how they work.

    and eraker thanks for the help but when i click on your sites you offer me i get a popup saying that the specific server cannot be found.

    can anyof you lead me through the steps on installing linux on my mac or am i just out of hope...?

    another to i partion my when i open bootx where it says root/dev/ i can boot the partion hardrive..

    bking0-hope this makes sense

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    How About using quike?

    how do u use quike and boot up from it?

    Help Needed!!!!


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