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    My Weekend project

    Well I have been wanting a laptop for an extremely long time. I am going to get oone for college later but until then I am going to try to make use of an old HP Omnibook Xe3. I am going to install some distro of linux as the primary operating system. Its specs are:

    10GB hdd
    750 Mhz processor
    128 MB of ram

    and thats all I know

    I need to know what is a good distro for running on old machines like this. I would like to be able to boot some sort of GUI and I would like to get wifi from a PCMCIA wireless card (Which I have not purchased yet). What would be a good wireless card for running under linux.

    I have a dual boot ubuntu machine which I use at home, but I am afraid that Ubuntu is too bloated and might be slow. I am open to any suggestions.

    Other things about the laptop are... well its really old but the battery still works. It has two PCMCIA slots and tends to crash when it goes to sleep. It will also occasionally throw a temper tantrum when launching its install of windows 98. Hopefully all this will be solved by running linux.

    So lemme know what you guys think I should to.

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    Take a look at the threads here, especially the "which distro" thread:

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    ok, i think i'm going to shoot for vector linux once the CD image gets through donwloading. I tried launching the ubuntu live CD. It tried for 20 minutes and never got launched. I think their may be something wrong with the laptop that causes the screen to randomly turn off. The only way to get it back on is to shut down the computer using power button and turning it back on. I hope its not anything major as I am not going to sink a huge ammount of money into this.

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    try SUSE and during the install see if it will list the processor it should this distro works on a lot of older machines and is very solid for laptops i am going to put it on a gateway solo 1200 i already installed it onto a solo 1100 and it worked great.

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