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    can't install fc5?

    I got a ~1year old laptop named PB easynote R4 and I said to myself.. to hell with windoze, it's lunix time! \o/

    so I dled fc5, burned it on a dvd, put it in the dvd drive and I got an error:
    "no such image: linux" (iirc)
    I took the dvd and put it in another laptop, but there I didn't the same error, but it just didn't want to boot from dvd :o

    so okay.. I thought that perhaps the problem was with the dvd being badly burned(pun?) so I next tried it on a desktop pc.. and what do you know, it worked superbly!

    I searched the interbutts for _ANY_ kind of laptop related installation tutorial/guide/doc, but on all of the sites they just said:"i put the cd in, installed and now i'm installing Xwin" grrr!

    I need your help, thank you in advance!

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    If DVDs don't work, use standard CDs. Some DVD drives only work with special DVD media. I learned it also the hard way. Bought 20 DVDs some months ago and could not use one of them on my new Samsung drive, but could use them on the older Philipps drive. Weird, eh?
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    i downloaded the CD ISO version, and it gives me the exact same problem.

    also tried "linux noprobe", but returns the same msg :/
    Could not find kernel image: linux

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    nvm, it seems i'll be going freebsd on this laptop

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