Hi Community:
Iīve decided to bring back to life my old TI Extensa 570 CD (purchased in 1997). This is a Pentium 100mhz, 40MBram and a 1.4GB HDD. I have used Damn Small Linux and it is working better than with Win98SE. It is very fast! Now for fine tuning. Since I didnīt have a working CD drive I had to use a 3.5 to 2.5 HDD converter so it could be installed from my desktop PC via IDE. When I put it back in the laptop it started without any problems, it even recognized the old PCMCIA 3COM 10Mbps card, soit discovered the Internet access.

l HAVE A CRAPPY LOOKING LCD DISPLAY.The OS discovered the Cirrus Video card and using the xsetup.sh 800x600 with 8 bit color. Since the distro is made to work in thousands/millions of colors the default color style is illegible, that is why I chose the minimal style,then things started to look better. But all windows (Xterm, Dillo explorers and Firefox) appear with a black background that makes it hard to read. Issuing a xtdesk command it tells that there is no color pallette used. If I use the external monitor it looks beautiful since it can display thousands of colors(issuing the xterm command with the exter monitor does not give me any errors),but It takes away the fun of portability.
Any Ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance