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    Smile Installing Fedora core 2.6.15-1.2504_FC5

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to install Fedora Core 2.6.15-1.2504_FC5 on Toshiba A85-S107 laptop, and after installation during bootup I get the following error:

    ------Error Log -----------------
    Uncompressing Linux...Ok, booting the kernal
    SMP mptable: bad signature [0x0]!
    BIOS bug, MP table errors detected!..
    ...disabling SMP support.( tell your hw vendor)
    agpgart: unsupported ATI chipset (device id: 7831)
    Kernal panic - not syncing : VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

    Q) I was told that I am trying to install SMP kernel.
    I did a default install with 5 Fedora core disks.
    Which download is best for Toshiba Laptops, and where can I download from?

    What is the difference between i386/i686 versions?



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    There could be issues with your mainboard chipset. Take a look through the docs that came with the laptop to find what chipset is in use, then use google to find out if there are any know issues and what the workarounds may be.

    The default install should detect the kind of cpu you have and install accordingly. You've proably got a dual-core processor, so it'll try to use the smp kernel by default. It should also install the uniprocessor variant of the kernel too - you could try selecting the boot option with '-up' in the title, and see if that works in the meantime until you find the full solution.

    The i386 variant is the 'plain vanilla' version of the install, and works with Intel Pentium and later processors. The i686 is built for the PIII and later cpus which have extensions to speed things up, so it'll work very nicely on your modern processor.
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    Smile Linux installation on Toshiba Laptop


    I installed Suse 10.1 on my laptop and it works OK.
    My laptop has a single Celeron processor, and for some reason while installing Fedora, the sw was trying to install the SMP version.

    At this time I decided to use the Suse 10.1, and its ok, for things I want to do. I might try Fedora again.


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