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    Best distro for iBook

    I was unable to locate this information in the forums, so...

    What would you recommend for a G3 iBook with 128MB?

    Do you guys know anything about the most recent stable release of Puppy run on an iBook G3 500? Also, how is the airport wifi card support?

    OSX 10 runs ok, but all the apps require 10.3 or higher and Xubuntu was ran like a dog (no pun intended). I've used Puppy loads on PC, but never on a Mac. Any advise?

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    while I can't offer any direct advice, have you checked out They have a full list of distributions and what hardware they support which might be a good starting point. also looks interesting and includes links to some live CDs which may allow you to try before installing.

    Can't really help more because all my Macs run OS X.

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    I have a g3 ibook with 128mb of RAM and I run debian on it. I've had to go with programs with smaller footprints, such as fluxbox instead of KDE or gnome, and Abiword and Gnumeric instead of OpenOffice, but it works really well. I used some of the following sites while configuring my debian ibook:

    and for kernel configuration:

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    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback. I had a few video driver issues and decided to give Panther one more try. It worked. Now I will upgrade my RAM and hope for the best. Thanks again!!

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