Just bought myself a super cheap gateway mx6444, Ive got a few question about both running linux on it and linux in itself (im basicly new to linux, I had slackware up and running on an old machine once but never used it for much but apache). So I figured id throw all the questions I have into this one thread.

Anyway the specs of the Mx6444
AMD Turion® 64 mobile technology ML-34
Ati Radeon Xpress 200m
Brodcom 802.11g wireless adaptar
1024mb ddr ram
100gig hard drive (only 40 or so will be going to linux)

And now my big list of questions...

1) Best os for this machine?
2) ati radeon xpress, I know ive read people getting it working but most say its not exactly stable...Will i be able to get the equivelent framerate in games i can get in windows (non direct x of course)

3)*important* Now I need to keep the windows xp media center edition on this thing (unfortantly), and also unfortantly I didnt recieve a copy of the windows disk or any recovery cd. They put all recovery files into there own partition. When the laptop boots up its a simple press f2 for recovery options.

Now I know Lilo (or any boot manager) will mess with the mbr, my question is...if i multiboot windows/linux am i going to screw up the option to run the recovery? (something unfortantly windows requires often)

4) I have a microsoft comfort multi button mouse, is it possible to use the extra buttons on it, and furthermore configure them to do specific things (the driver that came with it in windows, allows you to set them to do a bunch of garbage i dont care about , the only thing i really want is to have them emulate a keystroke and for the middle wheel to function)

5) basicly...what kind of problems can i expect to run into? Id like to be prepared before i go and screw up my brand new laptop.

I know you guys have probably answered these questions a million times over (I used search honest, found bits and pieces of imformation but nothing that really answered these questions). So any and all help is much appreciated