I am a newbie to Linux.
Was talked into using it by a few of my colleagues.

Anywho, I am beginng to learn the extreme basics to Linux. Essentially I am trying to use Linux for what I would have normally used Windows for which is essentially watching my DIVX and XVID movies. If I can get that far, then I have learned how to do something.

My problem is this:

I am running Fedora Core 1 on an Acer Travelmate 800LCi. The install went normally and I learned how to mount and unmount devices.

I am able to mount my Lexar 256mb flash drive without an issue.

But when I attempt to connect either my Buslink 80gb External HDD or Simpletech 30gb Externl HDD, the entire system locks up and freezes and I cannot do anything except turn off the unit entirely and startup all over again.

Other than this, thus far, Linus is running well.

I need this to work as these drives contain my music and movie files, which would make my using Linux worthwhile.

As of now I continue to use WinBlows as my backdrop until I can hopefully sort out these issues.