I have notebook IBM/R60. On www is written that this NB can run on batter for 3, even more hours. But my max battery lifetime is abou 2:20. I have cpufreq (CPU cores at 1GHz instead 2GHz), wifi is off, brighness is at the lowest state.

Distro: Debian sid, branch amd64

Does anybody have same model of NB? or same problems?
or does anobody know some other "tricks" for save battery life?



ps: some other infos

$ cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state
present: yes
capacity state: ok
charging state: discharging
present rate: 20187 mW
remaining capacity: 55550 mWh
present voltage: 12231 mV

$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq

$ cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power
active state: C3
max_cstate: C8
bus master activity: 00000000
C1: type[C1] promotion[C2] demotion[--] latency[000] usage[00000010] duration[00000000000000000000]
C2: type[C2] promotion[C3] demotion[C1] latency[001] usage[00011672] duration[00000000000049550135]
*C3: type[C3] promotion[--] demotion[C2] latency[057] usage[00069915] duration[00000000000338151401]