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    Installation problems Compaq PresarioV3000

    Hi there

    I got a problem with the installation of Mandriva 2007 x86_64 in my pc (
    Compaq presario V3000
    AMD turion 64 x2
    512 Ram
    100 Gb
    Nvidia GeForce go 6150

    I reboot the PC with the 1th disc, it goes to the mandriva installation splash screen, and I select "installation", after that, the screen still with the mandriva blue theme and the PC thinks for about 8 minutes, then black screen with a blue announce "fatal error initializing".

    I checked the log and the info is:

    *needs usbkbd
    succeeded usbkbd
    *have to insmod keybdev
    *needs keybdev
    */modules/modules.mar: no such file or directory
    *warning, insmod failed (keybdev(nuH)) (1)
    *PCMCIA: probing PCI bus...
    not found
    *PCMCIA: probing Intel PCIC (ISA)
    not found
    *PCMCIA: probing for Databook TCIC-2 (ISA)
    not found
    *not PCMCIA adapter found
    *AUTOMATIC: parameter cdroom for method means returning CDROM drive have to insmod ide-cd.
    *looking for ide media
    IDE /0: hdc is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4082N
    *mounting /dev/hdc on sysroot/tmp/media as type iso 9660
    *have to insmod isofs
    *need isofs
    succeeded isofs
    *found a Mandriva Linux CDROM, good news!
    *total memory 448 Mbytes
    *mount_clp_may_preload:/sysroot/tmp/image//install/stage2//mdkinst.clp into /sysroot/tmp/stage2 (preload=1)
    *short write (I/O error)
    *Third party: using modules location /sysroot/tmp/images
    *fopen (stage1.c:343) failed. No such file or directory
    *unsetting automatic
    *exiting bootsplash

    I checked the kernel msg and got:

    Buffer I/O error on dev hdc logical block ###### *
    hdc: media error (bad sector): status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
    hdc: media error (bad sector): error:0x34 { AbortedCommand LastFailedSense =0x34}
    ide failed opcode was: unknown
    end_request: I/O, dev hdc sector ###### *

    * that means that the number of the sector and logical block changed, and that the same msg is repeated like 20~30 times and then is finished.

    But my computer is new, and the place I cleaned up in my hard disk for Linux before was full of info, and that means the hard disk is working normally but linux think otherwise

    I also tried the acpi=off installation, but got the same problem!.

    Please if anybody has some idea about my problem let me know, I really miss Mandriva, I was used to work with it in my old desktop and now im back to windows

    Thanks a lot anyway...

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    People!!! come on!!! Ei just some ideas, I know there r a lot of linux pro in this place, and Im sure some of u can give me and advice!.

    Please help!

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    It's better to use Ubuntu, Gentoo, or Fedora.
    Ask the experts on V3??? laptops.

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    Ubuntu...? mmmThat thats a fresh idea! :P, I'll check right now.

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