today i have spent (more like wasted) some time installing a version of redhat (5.1) onto my sharp pc8700 laptop, witch has a i486 processor with 12mb of ram.
The laptop has no cdrom drive and the 800mb hdd won't hold installation and cd 1 at same time, so that kills off installing from a hdd.
my only option was to migrate my laptop's hdd to a desktop with a cdrom drive.
all worked fine, install etc... it even booted without trouble.
i knew i would have to reconfigure X for the laptop's video card (a western digital card with a wd90c24a chip), even after reconfiguring X, it still tryed to user the old s3 server
any help would be much appreciated, i would also like to use my pcmcia mem cards with linux, but they are not seen, does this daemon start with X or something?
if not how do i get them to work?
again help would be much appreciated.