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    Installing RH9 on NEC Versa E600

    Hi all, I am trying to install RH9 on a NEC Versa E600. Wow it is really a pain. The first was the laptop keyboard was not recognised by RH9. Luckily this can be bypassed by using an enternal USB keyboard. The installation then went on and completed smoothly. But when I booted up RH9, the screen was scrolling with codes.

    Anyone has encounter this problem? Has this been solve or documented any where? In fact will appreciate anyone who has done such installation to give me some pointer. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Installing RH9 on NEC Versa E600

    Quote Originally Posted by leonium
    But when I booted up RH9, the screen was scrolling with codes.
    You will need to be more specific, are these error messages? what do they say?

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    am not able to capture these messages as they are scrolling through the screen at the very fast rate. one thing for sure, htey are repetitive messages. Just wondering if anyone has encounter this situation and has any solution to it. Thanks!


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    Leon, I got mine working

    I bought this laptop for my wife and had exactly the same problems with both redhat and mandrake. MDK is my distro of choice and I'm now running version 10.1 on my home and work PC. Last night I gave her laptop another go with 10.1 and viola! it all worked. No need for the USB input devices, no scrolling text, just plain worked. - even the battery level monitor.

    I have no idea what the difference is between the versions is that allows this one to work. I assume the pace of redhat's development would be similar to mandrakes (or better) so perhaps redhat's latest version would do it for you. If not, I can vouch for mandrake 10.1

    good luck

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