Has anyone tried (successfully or unsuccessfully) to get Linux installed on one of the new UMPCs that have come out over the past year? Like the Ago7 a.k.a. Tabletkiosk eo v7110?

At $799 for the Ago7, it looks like a decent value ($899 for the otherwise-identical eo v7110)... but I have yet to see evidence that anyone has ever gotten Linux to work properly on it (specifically, the touchscreen, WLAN, and bluetooth).

I looked at the Pepper Pad 3, but I'm actually evaluating the tablet for two purposes... personal fun, and for a public information kiosk embedded project I"m working on. The Ago7/eo v7110 has an optional bracket that allows it to be attached to a normal VESA mount, and would look more appropriate as a touchscreen-based kiosk platform than the PP3 (which, as far as I know, also lacks a VESA mount). The DTresearch "WebDT" units (also sold by Pepperpad) looked interesting, too... but I have yet to find anyone who openly sells them with published prices (which almost always means, "Outrageously expensive, and available only after haggling with salespeople for hours as if they were used camels...")