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    Quote Originally Posted by Norcal_linux View Post

    Anyway, I hope you find a good laptop that works for you, its nice to see someone asking about older machines, and breathing new life into them. Have a good day.

    True that; that's one of the many cool things about Linux - you can scale it up or down to suit your needs and capabilites, rather than just having to pitch the thing into the rubbish heap...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordanStorm View Post
    ... to run just wordprocessing and .mp3 player, preferably on OpenOffice ...
    Have a good look at an old Dell CPi Lattitude. It's a 233 laptop and that's just what I use it for as well as to "surf the Internet."

    The only possible dis-advantge may be the small Hard Drive; if you have a lot of MP3 files or have a need for massive text space - and Open Office does use a lot of RAM and you can indeed generate a lot of files with Open Office - which by the way, works very well!

    Hope this helps.


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    Does it make sense to reply to this old thread? Who cares? Why not?

    I installed Debian 4.0 on a couple old laptops--an old Compaq and an old NEC. I use Icewm.

    The Compaq is a 400mhz Pentium III with 128megs of RAM. It's quite zippy, mainly thanks to the Ati graphics.

    The NEC is a 300mhz AMD K6 with 64megs of RAM. It's much more sluggish, with its main problem being its slow Neomagic graphics. When browsing full screen photos, it paints the images in patches one at a time. It's a massive contrast to my 300mhz desktop system with its AGP graphics card--that system has nice fast graphics even at 2048x1536 resolution.

    Both of these old laptops have 1024x768 screens; both require bumping the color depth down to 16bit in order to acheive 1024x768.

    The main problem with really old laptops is that the battery is almost always dead. Neither of my old laptops has a working battery.
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    I am using Dell Latitude L400- (Pentium III 700mhz, 128 ram, 10gig hdd) and installed Slackware 11 into it. Running awesome everything including KDE 3.5 and Wi-Fi. Cheers!!

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