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    i have a tablet summer dream...

    my goal over the summer is to get a Fujitsu lifebook p1510 running one of the listed distros + beryl, fully functional with the touchscreen.

    so itd be one of these.
    (since they can be hd ceaper than the newer ones, and are basically the same thing...)

    do you think it would even be possible.
    im shure it would be cool given this video..
    but would the video card in the laptop handle it...
    my guess is no.. but its still a super cool idea. maybe one of the bigger tablets could.. but then i want something as tiny as possible, but with a keyboard lol.. o, and not so expensive.

    just something i thought id share..
    cause even if i cant get it done, maybe someone else could..

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    im definatly looking for input on this
    im gonna have the money in mid april, and id like to know if anyone thinks its possible.

    i may give up on the tablet if i dont think it would work.. but i really want it to work..

    heres what i think so far.

    id have to find a way to install linux on the fujitsu p15 since it dosent have a rom drive

    id also have to know if beryl or compiz would go on and work.
    so im gonna be looking into the vid specs on the notebook

    please input if you have anything


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    My word, that was a nice video. And it looks like a nice piece of kit. I think if you could make it work it'd be awesome.

    The Gentoo wiki says that the built in Intel 915GM card is supported by XGL so you are a lot of the way there. I'm not so sure about that 1.2GHz processor, perhaps someone with experience of XGL can comment, but maybe you'd just not be able to use the most advanced eye candy. Even a subset of features would still be amazing though.

    Someone else has already set up the P1510 with linux so a lot of the features seem to be supported or otherwise kludgeable.

    Installation of linux can apparently be done via network boot. The only thing that would bug me is the trackpad driver is a bit of a hack, but it does seem to work well.

    If you do this then I have no doubt lots of people here will help.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    ya, ive seen where linux was installed with a network install. i was hoping i could pull off a usb install, or get a botable pcmcia dvdrom drive, or something..
    and id make shure i could get a gig of ram for it

    lol, i just dont want to mess up a network install.. and since it does come with restore cds, and the only external drives fujitsu sells for the notebooks are USB, id imagine i could boot from a fat partition on a flash drive.

    the real question would be... how would i do it that way...just put the iso on the flash drive.. or hell, i may as well buy the external drive..

    i dunno. this is why im asking now.. so i dont just jump in with absolutely no knowledge..

    plus so many people know so many programs that so many other people dont. so its always good to get the views of the people (^_^)

    this would be a great project, and since i want to set it up as a dual boot anyways, i can always switch between on the go to figure out any linux problems.. lol, touchscreen grub..

    anyways.. i feel like im rambling..

    thanks for any input..


    Ive also been thinking really hard about what distro to use..
    id really like to just put linux mint or ubuntu on it. but i was also thinking that something smaller would be better..
    not that 700 mb is huge, but at the same 400 mb is smaller, and DSL is TINY..
    but from what i can tell, beryl is only good for some distros. like i havent seen it on puppy yet.

    i was thinkin something like
    ubuntu / mint
    pclinuxos 2007
    berry linux
    sabayon mini
    zenwalk with something other than xfce, or fluxbox (i hate that right click for menu crap)
    and maybe suse..

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