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    Pentium II 233Mhz Memory: 64MB

    Any Linux operation system works for this computer?

    please type back

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    i would say though look for a lightweigh distro, is you want X then you will have to choose a window manager that is lightweight like fluxbox, xfce or etc.
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    I Would Suggest Increasing RAM

    It doesn't cost a lot and if you get up to at least 128 Mb you should be able to run Puppy Linux or Vector Linux. I have 160 Mb on my Compaq Armada which is the maximum and I use Vector Linux 5.8 which is great.
    The Compaq is a Pentium II 266.

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    You should be able to run DeLi Linux with no worries seeing as it's geared toward that exact hardware. The link posted above is also a good resource but generally works best if you have up-to-date hardware.

    The website for DeLi Linux is:
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    Quote Originally Posted by raymac46 View Post
    It doesn't cost a lot and if you get up to at least 128 Mb you should be able to run Puppy Linux or Vector Linux. I have 160 Mb on my Compaq Armada which is the maximum and I use Vector Linux 5.8 which is great.
    The Compaq is a Pentium II 266.
    When someone say 64MB memory, maybe that mean , that is all that laptop could have, does not mean how much money afraid to buy more memory for upgrade

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    FeatherLinux might be something to look into as well.

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    Damn small linux?

    I have a couple of old under powered laptops, and I run Damn Small Linux on them, and it uses the fluxbox window manager, so its super fast. I run DamnSmall on my IBM Thinkpad 390X which is 400Mhz with 256mb, which is very very fast, and I also run it on my Toshiba Portege 610CT which is a pentium 90mhz, with 48mb memory, and it is still really fast. Damn Small will run on a minimum of a 486 with 16mb memory, you might check it out, it comes as a live-cd, so you can boot it up and check it out before you install it.

    DSL information

    Good Luck!


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    Quote Originally Posted by crippen View Post
    Any Linux operation system works for this computer?
    Oh yeah! Plenty of them!

    Back in March of 2002 I purchased my first OS Linux copy, Mandrake v7.0 and installed it on my Dell Latitude CPi, which is also a 233 system. Mandrake v7.0 worked like a charm and "sold" me on Linux and for what it's worth, I still use that old machine and the Mandrake to this date.

    One thing to keep in mind though, the system you're asking about is "old" hardware so do look at using and older version of Linux as opposed to the "latest" Linux on it. The old 233 hardware system will probably NOT work with the newer Linux software(s) but if you're new to Linux, odds are you'll not notice the difference, save that even the older Linux versions are better than the newer MS/DOS/WINDOWS softwares.

    Hope this helps some.


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    i searching for older versions but they have take them away from the net because there old.

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    Debian 4.0 will also run fine on that laptop, but you have to install a lightweight window manager like icewm. The main advantage to using Debian 4.0 rather than a stripped down Debian based distribution like DSL is that the entire Debian software repository is available. With DSL, installing software packages is hit-and-miss. With a non-Debian distribution like Puppy, you don't get the massive software library that Debian has.

    However, Debian requires more work to get up and running into a usable state on an old laptop with 64megs of RAM. In particular, you need to manually install lightweight programs--and there's no obvious guide to figure out what these programs should be. But this line will install a lot of useful programs:

    apt-get install icewm icewm-themes xfe aterm xmms gqview dillo

    icewm is a lightweight window manager. Before you log in, choose "icewm" as the session type instead of "GNOME". GNOME is Debian's default, and it won't fit in 64megs of RAM.

    xfe is a lightweight file manager, which is similar to Windows Explorer.

    aterm is a lightweight terminal program, which will be much faster than the sluggish default GNOME terminal.

    xmms is a music player similar to old versions of WinAmp.

    gqview is a fast and very capable image browser.

    dillo is a very fast and lightweight web browser--but it only works with very basic web sites. I find it pretty unusable, and use Nautilus instead. Nautilus is GNOME's default web browser, and it will be sluggish on your computer. But when it comes to web site compatability...better slow than not at all!
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