I'm having a couple problems with my dv9000 that seem to be fairly common among owners of this model. I'm trying to find people who have been able to solve these problems, and hopefully walk me through them (I'm a noob, and am having issues figuring these intricate things out so far.)

I'm running Gentoo kernel 2.6.20, initially built sometime in February of this year.
I'm running a Hewlett-Packard dv9008 (I believe.)

First Problem:
For some reason, the only CDs that work are music CDs. Any game, data or program CDs I try to mount give me this error:
"Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified"

Second Problem:
I can't get my multimedia keys working to save my soul. I've found one (and only one) reference to someone getting them working using lineakd and klineakd, but I don't know anything about the LinEAK project, other than that it exists, and I could really use a how-to guide.

Third Problem:
Is it possible to get the HP Mobile Remote Control working at all? This would be a really nice feature. Not necessary, just a perk.

Thanks in advance for any help.