My first post . . . (sorry for my english, I'm italian)
I use Linux since 1993 (not bad), I've been using most of the distributions that are now on the market and some that aren't anymore (MCC, Yggdrasyl). In this time I'm locked in a place to cure myself and I can only use a notebook that my brother gave me (IBM R30) and my mobile (moto razr v3xv). The time that I can use the PC is only 16 hours a week (very short time). In the past I've found the solution to any trouble I've meet but now I've to ask to someone that know things better than me. The problems I've on this machine are:
the modem - /dev/ttyACM0 doesn't works faster than 70/80 KByte/s?
the sound card - ALi M5354 on SuSE 10.1 works, with SuSE 10.2 sometimes FREEZE the machine!!!
the "VGA" card - trident CyberBlade doesn't works with 3D options?
Can somebody spend a little time to give an help?
Thanx and best regards.