I have done some pretty extensive research on this and have yet to find anything that has been of help. I have downloaded gkrellm to monitor temperatures but i8k will not install, but that may be because I'm running a 4150 and not an 8000 series.

The issue is simple. Under the manufacturer's OS (Windows XP)...the fan is triggered into heavy-mode at a certain temperature. This does not happen in Linux and as a result the laptop begins to get very hot. I don't do any gaming or such so I haven't pushed the system to a temperature where it shuts itself down but I for one find the heat to be uncomfortable - especially when I am using a USB mouse next to the laptop where the heat is being spewed out.

Dell's BIOS doesn't tell me squat when it comes to temperature, nor does it allow me to play with fan settings.

Any tips would be appreciated.