I have a LiveCD of Knoppix 5.1.1 ,and I am trying to boot it on on older Compaq Presario 1672 Laptop. It has a AMD K6-2 350 MHZ & 192 Meg Ram. "Knoppix failsafe" will let it boot, and I used "Knoppix debug" to find that right after the message "Processor 0 is AMD-K6(tm) 3D Processor 350 MHZ, 64K Cache" it locks up tight. I tried "Knoppix noapm" and it will boot, but it
won't shutdown, and hangs on shutdown forcing me to pull the battery and power to turn it off.......I am getting tired of pulling the battery and powering up to run Knoppix.

What can I do to make it all work correctly? I am NEW to Linux and need detailed instructions. Help me get it running so I can at least play with it to check out Knoppix.

I also am using a Logitech Marble Mouse with a USB to 9 Pin PS2 connector into the PS2 port, and the mouse doesn't work. I have tried all the mouse cheat codes but no luck so far. Any help in getting the Marble mouse working would be a big help. I am out of ideas and searching the forums and google searching didn't find any help.