I have been running MDK since 8.0 and have always found that I could get sound running on my Sony Vaio PCG-735 after running "sndconfig" from the command line and selecting a Soundblaster type card. After upgrading to Mandy 10 this fails to work.

I spent ages in Mandy 9.2 getting Realplayer8 to work as a stand alone and embedded player within Mozilla and now even when I play local files the sound jumps and stutters.

When I use Freeamp the sound continually loops around the same 1/2 second, though I can move it forward and listen to the next loop!

I cannot see a sound card using lspci -v (though help on how to get the text from the terminal into Mozilla would be appreciated) and and checked lsmod and looked at modules.conf but am lost in what they are trying to tell me. Help, I want to keep Mandy 10 as it is faster than 9.2 but at least 9.2 worked.