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    linux on ibook 500mhz power pc g3

    ok im very new with linux
    i would like to know what version of linux am i able to install on my ibook

    it is
    a ibook g3 320MB of ram 500mhz power pc and the drive space is 9.36 gigz
    i have had it ever since Henrico COunty sold them about 3 years ago

    but mac runs slow.

    and i cant upgrade i dont have the money (im only 17 and ward of the state)
    so what can i install on this ibook?

    Teh HomoHacker

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    Never tried an iBook, but it sounds like fun.

    This link should help:
    TuxMobil: Linux Laptop & Notebook Installation Guides: Apple (aka Macintosh)

    Also I think most distro's have a PPC version these days, I think that's what you need for apple but I could be completely wrong! anyhow the link above will tell you what other ibook owners are doing.

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    thank you as that help loads

    but now should i wait and upgrade my ram and hard drive space?

    and then wat tpe of prgrams run on linux?
    mac or Windows?

    confused is what i am


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