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    Arrow IRC Channel: #LinuxForums

    Just a reminder to all of you that we do have an official IRC channel available for your use that can be found on Freenode.

    Master Server: port 6667

    Channel: #linuxforums

    If you don't know about IRC and its benefits, you can learn about it here:

    Internet Relay Chat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    freenode: frequently-asked questions

    Note that there are lots of different IRC clients available to you such as Xchat, Konversation, and IRSSI (command line). So why not fire up your IRC client and visit us at #linuxforums ?

    Please be sure to read our IRC Guidelines before entering the channel.

    Hope to see you there!
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    arch linux

    LinuxForums Private PasteBin

    For those of you that don't already know about it, I'd like to add that we have our own PasteBin for anyone needing to post large amounts of code while using the #linuxforums IRC channel:

    linuxforums private pastebin

    If you aren't sure how to use the pastebin, you can read up on it here:

    linuxforums private pastebin - HELP

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    I wanted to add information about an easy way to connect to an IRC chat room.

    There is a Firefox Add-On for Chatzilla. You can then run Chatzilla through the browser. The Chatzilla Add-On can be found here:

    You can then start Chatzilla from Tools --> ChatZilla. You can also open it in a browser window or tab, by entering this address into the address window:


    First you need to connect to the freenode server, by entering this into the message window (at the bottom):

    /attach freenode

    To join the Linux Forums chat channel, enter this into the message window:

    /join #linuxforums

    See you in the chat room!
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