Im pleased to annouce a number of changes to linuxforums.org staff, and the addition of an official staff page.

First off with the staff changes, Sarumont is now the team leader of the linuxforums.org review team. He is now a point of contact for all review related activity, and has overall responsibility for review content.

Secondly, 2 of out "trusted penguins" - lordnothing and scientica have been given moderator privileges and will be helping keep the forums spam free - hopefully for years to come

Last but certainly not least, I would like to give our 2 newest trusted penguins (TP's) qub333 and drakebasher a mention.

In addition to these changes, we now have a dedicated linuxforums.org staff page located here: http://www.linuxforums.org/staff.php

Making staff changes here at linuxforums is always a tough call because there are just so many great people to choose from. I would like to thank everyone involved, TP's, review team, moderators, and especially all our members for contributing to make linuxforums.org the site it is today.

Thanks all