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    Linux Forums Rules

    LinuxForums Rules

    Everyone involved tries hard to keep Linux Forums(LF) free of trolls, spam, flames, etc and keep LF a positive place to discuss Linux and other things, while at the same time trying to maintain the balance of an open and fairly non-restrictive community. Obviously as a publicly-accessible community we have guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not so that we remain just that - a happy, vibrant community.

    1. no trolling, personal attacks, bashing of others, or vulgarities
    2. no advertising, affiliate links, porn images, porn links, or other spam
    3. no religious posts, political posts, homework questions, or classified ads
    4. no posts regarding illegal activities (cracking, pirating, warez, etc)
    5. no duplicates, double-posting, cross-posting, or redirect links
    6. animated images are not permitted in avatars, or in user signatures
    7. all portions of posts, signatures, and avatars (that include text) must be in English

    Spammers are usually banned immediately, and without further notice! Those wishing to announce or promote their Linux products should utilize our Linux Product Showcase rather than posting about them in the forums because as already noted, spammers will be banned immediately.

    Messages, avatars, usernames, signatures, home page links, and user profile entries deemed to be spam-oriented, overly distracting, inappropriate, or otherwise in violation of these rules may be removed without notice to the individual that posted them, and the user risks being banned immediately.

    Threads or posts may be moved and/or retitled as deemed appropriate by the forum admins for better exposure and clarity, and to keep the forums more orderly and better organized.

    Interpretation of the forum rules is at the sole discretion of the board administrators and all decisions are final. We ask that you show respect toward our board admins because they are volunteers performing what can be a very difficult task at times.

    Do NOT start threads or post messages on the forums complaining about administrative actions taken. If you should have a concern, or would like clarification of the forum rules or any administrative action taken, please contact one of the forum admins via private message or by email. In the case of a ban you can use the Contact Us link found in the lower-right corner of all pages on the forums.

    * Please note that these rules may change without prior notice.

    If you need to know how the forums work or why they work the way they do, please check the Forum User FAQ for answers to common questions about using the forums.

    New members should read the "All New Users Read This First" thread before beginning to post in order to get off to a good start. The "Forum Etiquette" post found below is also important information that should be read, remembered, and practiced.
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    Forum Etiquette

    Search the forums and search engines for solutions first.
    Post all threads in the proper forum for the subject matter.
    Keep thread titles brief but descriptive regarding all issues.
    Be respectful of the views and opinions of fellow members.
    Learn about how our forums work so that you get off to a good start.
    Read the forum FAQ for additional information on how to use the forums.
    Use code tags around computer code for easier reading and identification.
    Don't PM other members with Linux support requests... post them in the forums.
    Don't post useless/meaningless chatter in an attempt to raise user post count.
    Don't hijack threads started by other members for your own use.
    Don't post in all caps, bold, gigantic, or colored text unless really necessary.
    Don't revive or bump very old threads thereby raising them back to the top.
    Don't be disrespectful toward other distributions or operating systems.
    Don't troll or post flame bait, and don't respond to those that do so.
    Don't create or post under multiple user accounts.
    Don't post in leet (Leet - Wikipedia).

    When in doubt, always ask one of the board administrators.
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