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Thread: User Rankings

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    User Rankings

    User ranks are the short descriptions found just below your username in your posts that indicate how many posts you have made and your current posting status on the forums. These rankings will change for each individual member as their post count continues to grow and certain additional forum features may become available to users as they move from one rank to another.

    * Please keep in mind that user rankings are NOT intended to indicate a member's technical skill level, or their ability to help other users with Linux and other computer issues, and they are not meant to show how long a user has been a member of the forums.

    How do I change my rank?

    In general you cannot directly change the wording of any rank. We use ranks to indicate the number of posts you have made and to identify certain users:

    Our current ranking designations stand as follows:

    Just Joined! :      0
    Linux Newbie :      100
    Linux User :        250
    Linux Enthusiast :  500
    Linux Engineer :    750
    Linux Guru :        1500
    We also have 3 special ranks, that being "Administrator", "Super Moderator" and "Trusted Penguin". Those users do have the ability to change their rank and may use a custom rank designation should they wish, while still retaining their administrative permissions.

    Administrators have the final say in any critical decision, and have been appointed to their positions by the current website owners and administrators. They generally have more forum and website permissions than do the Super Moderators and Trusted Penguins.

    Super Moderators are users that have been nominated and voted into their appointed positions by Administrators, other Super Moderators, and Trusted Penguins with the purpose of helping to administer the forums. They are chosen based on their overall interest, activity, and input toward the community, and also by their attitude and politeness toward others, as well as how the community perceives them. Super Moderators positions are filled from the current pool of Trusted Penguins.

    Trusted Penguins are not officially forum moderators, but they do have certain moderator permissions, and have been given their special rank because of their extreme helpfulness, in depth answers, and their friendly manner toward the other members of the forum.

    If you should have any questions, or require assistance with using the forums, please do not hesitate to approach any of the trusted penguins, super moderators, or administrators of this board. Note that additional information about how the forums work can be found in the Forum User FAQ.
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