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    windows sharing Internet connection with Linux

    I have 2 computers, one running Windows XP Pro and the other running Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog, and i need to share the internet connection of the Windows box to the Ubuntu box.

    In the Windows box i have an onboard networking card, listed in the Device Manager as 'Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ehernet NIC', IP and subnet mask, and on the Ubuntu box i have a SMC SMC1233A-TX EZ Card Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps.
    The network card CD contains instructions to install the card drivers in Linux, witch involves the addition of a module named 'tulip', but running lsmod showed me that this module was already loaded, so i supposed Ubuntu natively supports this card.

    The problem is that the Windows LAN reports that a network cable is unplugged. Is this normal in a Windows-Linux connection, or this is some configuration problem?

    Ignoring this error, i gave Ubuntu an IP, with subnet mask and configured the default gateway to, with no results (executing ping returns: From icmp_seq=xx Destination Host Unreachable).

    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    are you connecting directly to the windows box without a switch or router in the way? i.e. is your network look like:
    Windows <---- cable ---> Linux
    Windows <--- cable ---> switch/router <--- cable---> linux

    If it is the first one, you will need a special kind of network cable called a "crossover cable" for it to work. The Cable unplugged message in windows seems to show that this might be the problem.
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    I'm connecting the 2 computers by a network cable supplied by the SMC Card bundle, witch is a CAT 5 cable. I don't know what that means, but i think it's a crossover cable. The 2 computers are connected directly!

    I will test with another cable, witch is definitely a crossover one, and post the results.

    Thanks a lot, AlexK

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    Ok the problem was the cable. Now i can connect my Ubuntu box to Windows, but i still don't have Internet access.

    My windows connection has an IP, netmask, so i configured Ubuntu to have an IP, same netmask.
    My internet service has 2 connections, one with the IP configured by the ISP, and the other is a LAN with IP, netmask

    I have Windows ICS configured to share the internet service LAN with the LAN of the Realtek network card, but when i ping a website in linux i get: Destination host unreachable.

    Any suggestions?

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    Got it!!! Netmask in Linux was not properly configured. But i can't access sites by their domain, just by their IP! Is this a DNS problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    yep it is a dns problem .... place the ip of your favorite nameserver in '/etc/resolv.conf' like this
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    Ok i solved the DNS problem. Windows ICS appears to act as a DHCP server, and i was giving Ubuntu an IP statically. I just configured Ubuntu to get the IP via a DHCP server and it worked...

    Thanks a lot......

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    Fabien: i have a problem with sharing my internet connection with windows pc i have read your post tha you was have same problem.I have a Linux pc with two network cards and windows with one network card i have a switch too.Can you explain me i`m some kind of newbie on linux connection sharing.Im connection to internet via linux pc on pppoe internet connection and i have Kubuntu 6.06 and Mandriva 2006.
    Thanks a lot

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    Question ..

    i have a quick question ..

    currently, have two computers running windows xp pro (sp2)

    #1 computer ... (directly connected to a cable modem)

    #2 computer ... (uses a cross-over cable and internet sharing in windows xp)


    what i want to know is, i want to switch the computer's (#1) O/S to Linux .. and still have the cable modem directly connected to the cable modem. and then using the crossover allow the windows xp machine access to the internet.

    is it possible ..

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