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    inet<---eth1[LinuxBox_1]eth0<---e0[LinuxBox_2] : LinuxBox_2 hv no inet connection?


    I am attempting configure LinuxBox_2 to connect to the Internet.

    LinuxBox_2 - eth0 :
    LinuxBox_2 - gw :

    LinuxBox_1 - eth0 :
    LinuxBox_1 - eth1 :
    LinuxBox_1 - gw :

    LinuxBox_1 - Kernel IP routing table(route -n)
    Destination___Gateway____Genmask_______Flags__Ifac e th0 th1

    LinuxBox_2 - Kernel IP routing table:
    Destination__Gateway________Genmask______Flags__If ace _eth0 __eth0

    On LinuxBox_2, I am unable to ping the LinuxBox_1 gateway ( and LinuxBox_1 eth1 (
    "From Dest Host Unreachable".

    But I could ping LinuxBox_1 eth0 (

    Could anyone shed some light on this matter,
    Your help will be greatly apprecaited!

    Many Thx,


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    That's a very detailed but uncommon description of your configuration and helps a lot to understand your environment.

    I see two possible reasons for this problem:

    1) no forwarding enabled (cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward yshould return 1)
    2) firewall on linux_box1 (iptables -L -nv should give you details)
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    Re: inet<---eth1[LinuxBox_1]eth0<---e0[LinuxBox_2] : LinuxBox_2 hv no inet connection?


    a couple of dumb questions:

    1. what kind of CAT5 cable connection do you have there between computer 1 and computer 2? I saw no hub nor switch in your diagram.

    you should have either:
    a) a crossover cable between the NIC cards on each
    b) a pair of straight thru cables connected from the NICs to a switch or hub

    2. look at the rear of the two computers at the external plate of each NIC. Most decent NICs have 2-4 LEDS there. One should be the link LED and it should be lit on both NICs when the CAT5 cables are connected. Are they?


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