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    Searching for another Linux OS

    I need another Linux OS that has an easy way to restore or repair the OS.
    The OS I have now always is not being able to install software or just won't boot up sometimes. I am always having to reinstall Ubuntu and that is a pain. I am looking for an another easy to use OS for newbies. I am used to Windows XP with the repair disk.
    I now have Ubuntu 7.10 and I am also using CrossOver for some Windows programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhmac77 View Post
    I need another Linux OS that has an easy way to restore or repair the OS.
    I may be wrong...

    But I don't believe there is such a thing. Some distros have "linux rescue" function on the install disk but even that assumes you know what you are doing.

    I have never HAD to re-install Linux unless I did something silly or felt it was much, much easier than cleaning up a mess.

    As far as the boots sometimes thing, you'll need to be more specific. Matter of fact you should probably be more specific about everything.

    Have you considered hardware problems? Have you tested your memory yet?

    Maybe try PCLinuxOS...

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    If your looking to repair your windows installation through linux I'd suggest using a Live CD, probably Knoppix, which you wouldn't need to install to use.

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    You should consider using something like Clonezilla to make images of your partitions right after you do a fresh install. Then, if you should break your system, you can restore the images back to the partitions within just a few minutes.

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    So I guess there is no solution. This means I have to reinstall the whole thing and Linux is not worth that even free. I mean when I can't use my DVD player, and firehol brings up a message that it is somekind of problem and so certain software cannot be installed because of a firehol error and many many other errors. My hardware works great with WinXP and there is no problem with my memory.

    At least Windows has a repair disc that may not always work perfectly everytime but at least Windows runs and all my important software works well.

    Linux is not for novices and even experienced users who use to us dos. I believe that it is only for IT people who have studied either Unix or Linux.

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    Clonezilla require IT knowledge according to their web site:
    "Clonezilla server edition is used to clone many computers simultaneously. It is an extremely useful tool, however, it does have several limitations. In order to use it, you must first prepare a DRBL server AND the machine to be cloned must boot from a network (e.g. PXE/Etherboot). To address these limitations, the Free Software Lab at the NCHC has combined Debian Live with Clonezilla to produce "Clonezilla Live," a new software that can be used to easily clone individual machines. The primary benefit of Clonezilla Live is that it eliminates the need to set up a DRBL server ahead of time and the need for the computer being cloned to boot from a network. Clonezilla Live can be used to clone individual computers using a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Though the image size is limited by the boot media's storage capacity, this problem can be eliminated by using a network filesystem such as sshfs or samba." Clonezilla
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhmac77 View Post
    At least Windows has a repair disc that may not always work perfectly everytime but at least Windows runs and all my important software works well.

    Then use whatever works for you and be happy.

    I don't understand your dilemma

    or the point of ranting on a Linux forum about how much better Windows is...

    // now if you'll excuse me I need to head over to WinCustomize and explain to them how much better Compiz is and why WindowBlinds suck....

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    If you think windows is better, then use it. As someone suggests above, no one is forcing you to use anything. I think there's already enough discussions on the internet about linux vs windows. No need to add another one.

    Linux is not only for techies, it just requires some effort on your side, and a little will to actually learn new things. Don't expect to magically fix everything by clicking around and reinstalling.

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    In addition to what has been said, I note that you only have 4 posts on this forum, and 3 of them are in this thread. Perhaps you might considering posting for help with some of your problems before deciding that Linux is worthless?

    There is some good advice out there, which is that there are thousands (millions?) of people who have used the very software and the very hardware that you are using, and have gotten it to work. It is possible that the issue may be rather simple, and you just need somebody to help you through it.

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    I need another Linux OS that has an easy way to restore or repair the OS.
    very simple!!

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