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    Best Linux OS for USB Pen Drive

    I've got two USB pen drives, one a 256MB and the other a 512MB. I'm looking for a good small Linux OS to transfer onto one of these pen drives, what would you reccomend.

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    Damn small linux.
    DSL forums has an entire section on USB booting.;f=17
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    Damn Small Linux is only 50MB so it might be nice if you want to keep it small.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Slax is also a candidate, although I never got it to work on my USB stick... But it has been done.
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    I've found a nice website called pendrivelinux that has full tutorials on How To run Linux from a USB PenDrive.

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    I'll second slax, I have it running great. What it has over the others is although you can leave it installed as a live distro (makes it better for clean hardware detection across multiple machines) you can add slax modules which add applications or functionaliy you need. This is great as you can really cusomise for your own usage. Also slax comes with a full KDE installation which is nice. You could fit the whole thing with a few extensions and some free space onto the 256MB drive.

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    Linux Engineer d38dm8nw81k1ng's Avatar
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    i'm going to go with DSL cos well... it's damn small
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    Try Puppy

    Take a Look at Puppy Linux. It looks simular to DSL Linux but a lil larger(60mb) and with the promise of being easier to put on USB then DSl.

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    I wish there was some way to fully customise the distro b4 you put it on a usb disk.

    Is there?
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    The trick is that you might want to leave the live functionality in place, so that hardware is freshly detected on boot. This means tyou don't have trouble or generally too many drivers loading on boot when you move machine. Slax with it's modules allows a lot of customising. If you want to go a little deeper you can use the live linux scripts to make a live version of your own desktop. You can get these at Live-Linux

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