A client of mine inherited a turnkey Linux security camera DVR system, which they would like to start using. Unfortunately, there is zero documentation with it.

#1 how do we pause/slow down the console text that whizzes by at boot. The DVR software is very slick, but provides zero contact/vendor information.

#2 how to override/interrupt the boot process to get some kind of administrative access. (right now it boots directly into DVR UI)

#2a are we going to be SOL if we don't have login/pw info?

#3 can this drive be imaged to another drive to back up the software?

#3a if so, can it be imaged using Windows software or is a Linux-specific imaging program going to be required?

Everything works right now but from a maintainability standpoint, we need to know if client is going to be SOL if some sort of catastrophe occurs.

Sorry for the brevity of this post but I had a much nicer one which got dumped into the nether because I wasn't logged in when I tried to post. [unsmiley face].

Also sorry if any of these questions are pure newbie illogic, but I have to start somewhere!

Thanks in advance for any info!