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    [SOLVED]Which small distro support compiling driver/kernel

    I've tried a few distributions and they failed to detect my on board ethernet. I have to compile the driver which I found on the internet.

    I need a distro that is:

    1) small, I highly prefer it to be able to install on a 1GB USB flash drive, if not possible then I'll burn it on CD

    2) support compiling driver, i.e. comes with all the necessary development tools and kernel source and other stuffs to allow me to compile driver/kernel.

    i have 1GB RAM and 1GB USB flash drive

    - SLAX, liveUSB boot successfully but cannot detect ethernet, cannot connect to internet, unable to compile ethernet driver
    - knoppix liveUSB boot successfully with "knoppix vga=normal" but cannot detect ethernet, cannot connect to internet, unable to compile ethernet driver
    - Damn small linux failed to boot
    - tried to install Fedora core but my USB flash drive is too small, failed to install as it requires more than 1GB of free space


    please read this page for more information


    1) I installed PCLinuxOS 0.93a junior LiveUSB.
    2**) I followed the instructions in the readme file that come along my driver to compile and install the driver.
    3) I ran adsl-setup
    4) Successful connecting to Internet

    note for 2**)
    i use insmod atl1.ko instead of insmod atl1 which is written in the readme file.
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    Perhaps you can give Zenwalk 4.0 a try. It comes with all the necessary build tools, and being Slackware based, it's easy to build from source.

    Out of curiosity, what's your network card (or onboard) model ?
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    My on board ethernet is Attansic L1. I google around and it seems like many people have the problem of detecting it.

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    Could you not plug in a PCI ethernet card into your MB which would be better detected? They don't cost very much new.

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