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    willing to try linux

    I am new to Linux, dont know the first thing about it although i have been working with computers for 20 years or so. I would be thankful if anyone can help me with some questions i have

    what is the easyest linux os for beginner ?
    will i need diferrent software,for instance WORD, AV SOFTWARE,FIREWALL,COPY TOOLS, CD BURNING TOOLS etc.?

    I am at present still using xp but would love to try linux so all help would be greatly appreiciated


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    Welcome to the forums, theheater

    Take a look at the link in my signature for lots of information on getting started with Linux.


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    There is no easiest per say, it all depends on preference. I would recommend Ubuntu to start out with though. What software YOU need can only be answered by one person.
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    My recommendation is to try Puppy Linux. If you have a DVD burner in your computer you can burn a copy of Puppy onto a multisession DVD and then save any changes to that same DVD. Use it over and over without installing anything on your hard drive. This is a very convenient way to try Linux without any installation issues.
    You can do the same thing on a multisession CD-R but you can't use it as many times before it gets filled up.

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    i would recommend that you try kubuntu (thats ubuntu with KDE visit and for more info) in fact i would say anything with KDE as the gui is more windows like

    but sum say gnome is vary user friendly so if that is the case try ubuntu they are move live cds so there is no install needed


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    have a look of this quiz which asks you a few questions and advises the distro which sutes you

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    We can't tell you which distro is best for you. try as many as you can and stick with the one which you like the most.
    check the links provided by fellow members.
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