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    What is the difference between TI-Basic and Q/GW/Basic?

    My first programming language was QBasic, but I haven't touched it since the 90s. However, I've noticed that some people are still programming in a type of BASIC called TI-Basic. What I've been wondering, and I haven't found a lot of information on Google, is how TI-Basic is different from the other BASIC programming languages.

    I'm very interested in exporting TI-Basic programs to a computer with BASIC or GWBasic in order to execute and use them. However, I don't know how possible that is. I keep reading there are slight differences, but I'm not fully aware of all those differences.

    I was hoping one or some of you might know those differences.
    Also, do any of you know how possible it would be to import a TI-Basic program into something such as wxbasic?

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    Well Basicly BASIC is Programming for the people who dont want or can learn how to really program. The advantese is that you can code big programs really quick and they compile like instant. And the disadvantece is that you have NO-Control. And its just well, plain.. You are limited a lot.
    TI-BASIC is the BASIC Language for the Texas Instruments (TI)'s graphing calculators.. The reason that its in there is since sometimes you have a big Formula for example:
    Do this 10000 times:
    c = b%10
    if c is bigger then 10 add 5 to a else dont.

    If you have to enter that 10000 in your calc you get stupid.
    So thats why the TI has a BASIC intenpentender.
    You might ask yourself now, Why doesnt it just Support C++?
    Simply since you dont have Enough CPU to compile a Program

    I hope that did tell you what toy wanted to know..

    And, no you cant import Basic languages into eachother. But you dont need to since they all are easy to learn and really Simulair.

    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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