I put together a script that builds linux from source. Its very dependent on the LFS LiveCD and I was hoping to get some help on making it more universal (i.e. if not Live cd then Binutils pass 1 is `make distroclean`... yada yada). Any suggestions would be appreciated since I haven't been using bash for very long.

It "should" work on any host setup to build LFS.

Ideally what the script should do in the end is modify the host temporarily for the build to work.

It would be nice to have everything set up for debugging, then have a start up script that runs as the very last start up service. The script auto-starts a bunch of programs and runs them through some test exercises, logging all the debug output. So what you have then is a script you run either before your go to work,bed or out or whatever; it builds the OS, flags the partition for boot, reboots into the new build with all debugging and logging turned on, tests the software, re-flags the original partition for boot and reboots. All the debug output can then be submitted to the developers. I think it would be very useful if looking for hardware compatibility tests, performance testing and also for gathering statistical data.