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    How to find Directory Size ?


    again in trouble..

    how can i get the directory size in bytes in 'c' Language on linux?????
    the directory may contain files or subfolders...

    i think the dirent.h file has to be included..

    but i dont know about wat function shoud i use to get the directory size in bytes...

    Help ME Out.........URGENT!

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    You need to use the du command. not sure if u need to be root to use this, but if it fails as a standard user su and give it a go as root. tho u may wanna check out the man pages for it to see what tags to ass to make it show the size in megabytes rather than bytes!

    edit: I have just gone back to linux to find the flag u want to use

    If u type:
    du -h
    this will disply the disk usage of the current folder in human readable format (megabytes etc.
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    Or if you don't wanna see all of the sub-directories you can expand on this by typing...

    du -h | grep -v '/' | awk '{print $1}'

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    This is much faster if you want only the total size.
    du -h | tail -n 1

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