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    abort(core dumped)

    What does it mean when I get the run time error....

    abort(core dumped)


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    It means that the process has received a fatal signal, which has caused it to terminate and dump core. Probably, the program called the abort() function, which causes it to send SIGABORT to itself. A core dump is a file containing the status of the program's memory space and the programs context status at the time it crashed. It's very useful for debugging. For example, if you find the core dump (usually named just "core"), you can run "gdb program -c core" (where program is the path to the actual executable and core is the path to the core dump file), and you will be able to view what happened at the program's last moment (providing that you know how to use gdb, that is).
    If you have no use for the core file, you'd better delete it, since core dumps can sometimes take really much space.

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