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    Samba doesn't use the system's passwords (when using encrypted passwords), that's true. However, the only thing it stores in its own passwd file are the windows password hashes. The user information (including groups) are still retrieved from the system's passwd file. It would seem, though, that it only gets the user's login group, and not the auxiliary groups (ie. it doesn't use /etc/group).

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    you can share the folder

    /home/staff/ for it purposes, say with admin priveleges

    then share



    or whatever with seperate shares, then you can mount the /home/staff as it/admin and only have one share like you wanted.

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    subfolders on samba

    Hi, I tried doing just what you have described, but users under the main folder can't access their shares for some reason! can you give an example of a smb.conf of this?

    here is what I have basically:

    share1 contains:

    admin access:

    group1 access:

    admin can access:

    but group1 can't access /share1/group1 for some reason. I have verified chmod and chown to make sure they don't conflict.

    Is this a glitch with samba? Is there something I am missing? Any help would be much appreciated. I am going crazy trying to figure out why this isn't working!

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    Welcome to the forums, datapharmer!

    Please start a new thread describing any problems you are having because this one is more than 6 years old already and not likely to be monitored by the other posters any longer.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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