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    Sucess: Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone Modem In Fedora 1

    This is how i made my sm56 pci speakerphone modem work under Fedora core 1.

    Warning: U should verify what i am suggesting.Please. I am not a professional linux expert.

    What u require:

    1. Kernel 2.4.18-14 source from

    (I haven't tested redhat 9.0's kernel !!!. Also kernel-2.4.22 won't work. If u are using download managers, message that site
    refuses connection might come.Keep on retrying. I used Opera web browser to get to the location
    and download accelerator plus to download the 28 MB file. In Internet explorer you are asked
    username and password. Try with 'anonymous' and passwd as your email ID. )

    2. gcc-2.96-98.i386.rpm and cpp-2.96.98.i386.rpm from

    3. binutils- from

    4. motorola driver sm56-gcc3.tar.gz from download section.

    Now, u have to remove your gcc, cpp, gcc-objc, gcc-c++, binutils from Fedora core 1 installation.
    Use rpm -e --nodeps *.rpm (recheck it !!!)

    5. install gcc-2.96-98.i386.rpm, cpp-2.96.98.i386.rpm and binutils-
    use rpm -ivh --force *.rpm (recheck it !!!) if required in case of conflicts.

    6. Install the source kernel-source-2.4.18-14.i386.rpm. It will be installed in ur /usr/src/ path.

    7. If you have previously installed kernel-2.4.18-14, make sure u remove the source folder,also
    /lib/modules/linux-2.4.18-14 and related files in /boot .

    8. Move to /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14

    now to compile the kernel:

    1. make mrproper
    2. make xconfig (be sure install the x development pkg from 'add and remove packages')
    3. choose the option 'load configuration file' from the X menu. Type /boot/config-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl
    4. now choose menu 'loadable module support' and select y in it.
    5. choose 'network device support' and chose y in network device support option and also make
    ppp related options below it as y or m (preferebly m)
    6. I had also disabled the kernel debugging option from menu of kernel hacking.
    7. save an exit.
    8. do 'make dep' then later 'make modules' then 'make modules_install' (no erro messages should come)
    and finally 'make install'. I had got error message at the end step. My initrd.img file for this
    kernel was not created, so i did 'mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.4.18-14custom.img 2.4.18-14custom'
    9. Make sure u have vmlinuz, system-map, initrd corresponding to this kernel in /boot .

    9. Boot with ur new kernel. Using bootdisk may not be possible as vmlinuz may be big. So use
    loadlin by copying the vmlinuz-2.4.18-14custom file to a floppy or dos drive. Or configure grub.

    10. While booting u might get unresolved dependencies message for modules. I did 'depmod -a'
    and deleted the modules listed (if any).

    11. Now untar the sm56-gcc3.tar.gz using 'tar -xvzf sm56-gcc3.tar.gz'. Go to the folder sm56-gcc3.

    12. Open the Makefile with an editor. Go to a line like '......./usr/src/linux-2.4/include......' and
    convert it to '......./usr/src/linux-2.4.18-14/include......'. Do a 'make' from shell when in this
    directory. Then 'make install'. Choose any country code .

    13. Open kppp. Set the device at /dev/modem. Then 'Query for modem'. You should get a dialog box
    filled with values.

    14. From main kppp menu give dialup information and dial.

    If you encounter any problems, send it to me at I am a normal Linux user.
    not an expert.

    I uploaded this page from my modem connected by above method. Thanks to and all people
    who care to tell others how they get things to work.

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    my friend of mine had problem with setting up this modem.i'll tell him to see your post and mail you if something goes wrong..
    Linux For Ever!

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    I was about to throw this MODEM from my pc, now I'll keep it with me !
    And Send this POST to many friends !


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    I would like to add that the official kernel of redhat hat 7.0 can also be used with the motorola
    drivers originally provided by motorola. But with that kernel ( 2.4.2-2), rpm refuses to function in fedora !!! Also therefore up2date and releated packages will fiail.

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    amendment ( correction )

    sorry it is redhat 7.1 and not redhat 7.0. It can be obtained fron .

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    I went through all of the steps tux21 wrote. Everything is fine, 2.4.18 kernel has been recompiled, driver has been installed and modem responds, but after dialing up to my internet provider i get NO CARRIER. Has anyone got stuck with such problem?


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    sorry i am not an expert. I had no such problems. maybe you should check ur configurations. If u are able to dial with ur modem, this might be some other problem.

    Maybe someone is kind enough to answer ?

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    it will help me a lot...

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    This topic is now locked.
    Please ask any questions on the forums.



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